Boar-ing time in Cayutué

Seeing a small window of good weather, bright sunshine and no rain, in the middle of winter we thought about where we could explore and eventually decided that Cayutué would work best. We followed the normal path up to the lake and had lunch before searching around for the start of the trail that leads up into a valley towards Volcán Tronador.The lake is much higher than it has been so the easy option of following the side of the lake around was out but after a few minutes we found a cattle trail that soon turned into a proper path, with Cochamó-like trenches.We followed it up and down for a couple of hours until we arrived at a marhsy plain at the bottom of the valley.From here the path continues to Tronador and Paso Vuriloche but as it was a day trip we decided to head back before it got dark. The dogs found a treasure trove of bones so it took a while to round them up before we set off and were encountered by a surprise visitor.We slogged up a bit of steep uphill for ten minutes or so before the dogs started barking. Assuming it was a gaucho we shouted “hello” but we couldn’t have guessed what it was. Instead of a human calling back at us we were confronted by a wild boar. So we ran. Fast. The dogs were obviously alerted to how dangerous the situation was, we were stuck in a trench with a dangerous animal, and they followed us rather than defending us. After getting to a clearing we hid around the corner and stated piling up some rock to defend ourselves in case the boar attacked. Thankfully it trotted on past us but then stopped to root around in the grass for what seemed like an hour.When it finally carried on we took the opportunity and ran back up the steep path for the second time. Thanking our luck that we hadn’t all been butchered by a savage pig we didn’t stop for too long to count our blessings in case there was another one. And by now we were way behind schedule and in danger of getting stuck in darkness.We hurried back to the car, not even stopping to have a bite of chocolate and arrived just after sunrise.

In total the walk was about 18km and well worth it. There are hardly any people at Lago Cayutué at the best of times but exploring the paths around it guarantee peace and quiet.

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