Boar-ing time in Cayutué

Seeing a small window of good weather, bright sunshine and no rain, in the middle of winter we thought about where we could explore and eventually decided that Cayutué would work best. We followed the normal path up to the lake and had lunch before searching around for the start of the trail that leads … Continue reading Boar-ing time in Cayutué

Warning – Rio Piedras Bridge

A warning to anyone going up La Junta by foot, the suspension bridge over Río Piedras is not currently safe to cross.After a few days of heavy rain at the end of May thousands of tons of debris was washed down, ripping out the foundations on one side of the bridge, leaving uprooted trees everywhere … Continue reading Warning – Rio Piedras Bridge

Lago Chapo in the Rain

Having family visiting we had to see the sights despite the wet weather. Luckily God was on our side and came out to tell us so, blessing us with some blue sky before letting loose the rain. The lake is much higher than it was over the summer and lots more wood has been washed … Continue reading Lago Chapo in the Rain