Bouldering at Lago Chapo

We have family visiting so we decided to take them to see the sights as it was a good weather day. We decided on Lago Chapo and Volcán Osorno, so put the dogs and the oldies in the cars and set off.

As we had seen some nice boulders the last time we were there but weren’t able to do them justice because we were in wellies I put my climbing shoes in the car as well. Fool me once….

Without mats or spotters I didn’t do too much, and some of them are more highball or routes without gear, which was too much of a risk so far from help. Please bear in mind I’m not very good at grading but here is what I found:

Left: project (crack in your confidence) smeary friction route with a big step up then sketchy handholds

Right: Tree lizard (V1/2) roll around vertically on your belly and heave up with your arms

Left: project

Right: project (Squirter) two finger crimp to start and gets harder from there

Shot to glory (VS) use the shot hole to balance and smear up. Big fall potential.

Traverse R to L: 41° 5c British tech. A bit of everything. Long but with good rests.

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