New Arrivals

A little before Christmas we got in the car and headed for Santiago. Not to escape the rain or to visit friends but to pick up two new whippets, one a two month old yellow brindle boy puppy and the other a ten month old blue girl puppy.

We had hoped that getting another blue whippet would calm Bluebell down as she has been very sad since Lily died but the only one we could find looked like she had been badly treated and we didn’t want to drive 1,000km only to come back empty handed so we got the little puppy as a backup plan.

In any event they are both super sweet and bonded well on the journey back, which involved having a dimensional dispute with a bus, over 1,250km of driving, a night on the blowup mattress in the back of the car at a service station and losing the puppy crate.

We have called the blue girl Lupin and the yellow boy Helios. Bluebell took a bit of time to warm to them but is now enjoying running with Lupin and even playing with Helios. Her grumpy puppy hating exterior is slowly cracking!

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