Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We spent our first Christmas and New Year in Chile at the café with our long suffering Workaways, Tom and Marie.

A couple of English sisters came down from Valdivia with a child in tow for Christmas and we were joined on the day by local hero, Juan Andrés and his dogs, Lukas, Ramona and Rumba. Lukas and Ramona are expecting puppies so maybe in a bid for freedom, Lukas and Rumba decide to elope up to La Junta meaning Jonathan had to go up a few days later to find them. Luckily they were being well looked after, which is why they hadn’t come back down.

For New Year’s Eve, Worshipful Master Alex and his wife Rocío came down with their perrhija Florencia. We went up to Lago Cayutué and then had an Anglo Chileno barbecue / parrilla that we ate like Vikings… lustily and with our hands.

Tom and Marie are leaving us tomorrow which will be hard for everyone, most especially for the dogs who have grown very find of them and because of whom we have had to barricade off their room because they jump into their bed, normally with muddy paws!

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