We’re leaving Santiago 

So the time has come to pack up all our things in an enormous Toyota 4Runner and start to make our way in the world. 

The plan is to head up to Copiapó to see the flowers blooming in the desert, the driest de returned in the world, and then drive down south towards Puerto Varas and then Cochamó. Where there is lots of flooding because it is raining so hard. 

It has been a busy few days here and having the dogs has made it both slightly challenging and quite fun at the same time. 

  • We have done a bit of paperwork. 
  • Found lots of monkey puzzle trees 


  • Climbed Cerro santa Lucía a few times 

  • Edit

  • Hiked up into the Andes 

  • Picked the dogs up from the airport

  • Seen some riots

  • Made contact with a fellow Brit

  • Had a birthday


  • Revisited a distant Austro-Hungarian cousin

  • Met some lancers 

  • Had a meeting with the Investment Manager at the Department for the Undersubsecretary for Tourism

    And plenty of other things not worth mentioning. After this period of forced quarantine (or should that be deicine) we are really looking forward getting on with starting the next phase of our adventure. 

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