We’ve done the hard part

Both of us have plenty of experience in moving house but I don’t think anything could have prepared us for having the contents of the house packed up and shipped away.

Having a marriage ceremony, a leaving party and then moving out of the house within five weeks was probably guaranteed to ramp up the stress levels. Each individually was hard enough but by the end of the move we were both beyond stressed. To their credit, the movers were incredibly professional, as soon as they were through the door they started boxing things up and we had to run around making sure that nothing important (visas, dogs) was boxed up. Maybe we weren’t as prepared as we could have been!


We spent one night on a mattress in an empty room that had been left for us after visiting our favourite pubs for one last time and to get some food because all the pots and pans had been packed up first. The two sofas wouldn’t fit down the stairs. The kennels who are putting the dogs on their flight emailed late in the day explaining that the dogs would only be allowed a blanket so all of their beds and favourite toys had to be added to the ISO container, which was now almost full.


When the container was sealed up it was completely full and we were left with what we had managed to save. It was final, and there was nothing that we could do to change it. After a panic that maybe the passports were somewhere on their way to a port we were able to catch our collective breath and relax a little. We had done the hard part.

I haven’t slept that well for months. All the stress seems to have melted away….

All we have to do now is sell a car, drop the dogs off at the kennels and get on a plane. And then get our RUT, like a NI number, buy a car, drive 1,000km south to Cochamó, buy some land and put a yurt up on it before our container arrives and we have to unpack it….

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