We’re leaving Santiago 

So the time has come to pack up all our things in an enormous Toyota 4Runner and start to make our way in the world.  The plan is to head up to Copiapó to see the flowers blooming in the desert, the driest de returned in the world, and then drive down south towards Puerto … Continue reading We’re leaving Santiago 

Chile first impressions

We've been here just over a week. Here are a few, and by no means comprehensive, thoughts. "This isn't Bolivia". Things get done. Slowly, but they get done. Well, about 80% of the time.  Beauracracy is king. You take a number so you can get some paperwork to take to another person (having taken a … Continue reading Chile first impressions

How to make a phone call in Chile

So we got to Chile alright. And we got the dogs. It took about three hours and a lot of shuttling of paperwork around between the Aduana, SAG and the freight company at the airport (and a trip to the pharmacy) but we did it. Getting a functioning SIM card was... different. Read on for … Continue reading How to make a phone call in Chile

We’ve done the hard part

Both of us have plenty of experience in moving house but I don't think anything could have prepared us for having the contents of the house packed up and shipped away. Having a marriage ceremony, a leaving party and then moving out of the house within five weeks was probably guaranteed to ramp up the … Continue reading We’ve done the hard part