So a few days ago I thought it would be a good idea to buy a drone.  It was something that I have been thinking about after meeting an American guy called Caleb in Pucón whose videos were stunning (you can see some here).  We had planned to take a helicopter up the Cochamó Valley to do a recce, which would have cost around $2,500, but they only accept money by bank transfer and Chilean banks don’t seem to accept money from foreign accounts so we were stuck.  It did mean that spending a grand on a drone that we could use to do almost exactly the same thing was not too much of an ask.

Sadly when GoPro screwed up in November it meant that there was one alternative, the DJI Mavic Pro, and that sold out fast, so no drone for me.  Until now….

It was pissing it down when the drone arrived so no flying then and the whole of London is a no-fly zone, so the weekend I had planned, flying the drone around the park with my brothers and the dogs, didn’t happen.  Luckily the weather yesterday was perfect so Lizzy and I headed out to a remote part of the Cotswolds, far from Brize Norton to give it a go.

I had bought a couple of extra batteries so we had a little over an hour of flight time to work out how it all worked.  The first problem was finding somewhere to take off and land.  It was quite windy so the long grass and propellors got to know each other well!  The next issue was that the drone thought that we were in a restricted area and turned off some of the functionality, such as active track, but walking a few metres seemed to sort that out.

I had neglected to charge the flight remote control and it ran out of battery fast.  So after charging it up, we were able to use up the last of the battery in the drone.  Next time we can learn about some of the other functions to get some more stable footage but in the meantime, here is a short video from our day out:

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