Bouldering at Lago Chapo

We have family visiting so we decided to take them to see the sights as it was a good weather day. We decided on Lago Chapo and Volcán Osorno, so put the dogs and the oldies in the cars and set off. As we had seen some nice boulders the last time we were there … Continue reading Bouldering at Lago Chapo


It's the middle of winter now, or we have at least had the shortest day of the year (to coincide with a heatwave in the UK) but that doesn't mean that we aren't hard at work. Using the few sunny days we have made a good follow up on painting the cladding tiles. And on … Continue reading Midwinter

Café Photos

A few people have asked how the café is looking, or indeed what it looks like at all so here are a few photos of how things are right now from the outside.

New Arrivals

A little before Christmas we got in the car and headed for Santiago. Not to escape the rain or to visit friends but to pick up two new whippets, one a two month old yellow brindle boy puppy and the other a ten month old blue girl puppy. We had hoped that getting another blue … Continue reading New Arrivals

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We spent our first Christmas and New Year in Chile at the café with our long suffering Workaways, Tom and Marie. A couple of English sisters came down from Valdivia with a child in tow for Christmas and we were joined on the day by local hero, Juan Andrés and his dogs, Lukas, Ramona and … Continue reading Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A whippet sized funeral

Monday 11th December would have been Lily's fourth birthday so we decided to mark the occasion by planting an Alerce tree on her grave. Alerces are a native species of cedar that can live to be over 4,000 years old. As she had only been in Chile for a few weeks she hadn't had the … Continue reading A whippet sized funeral

We’ve moved in!

We have been pretty quiet recently.... That's because we moved in about a week ago and haven't had any electricity, let alone internet. We have two lovely volunteers staying with us who don't seem to want to stop working, which has made things not only more enjoyable but also move along very quickly.  At this … Continue reading We’ve moved in!

Lily pics 

Following on from the death of our beloved whippet, Lily we have decided to make a page dedicated to her memory. If you have any photos, videos or silly stories about Lily, please email them to us and we will put them up here:

All that glisters

I'm sure at some in social media school they tell you only to post positive news or beautiful images. But life isn't always like that. Sunday was a glorious day. It was sunny but not too hot and I took the chance to walk up to La Junta with Iris and then return, a round … Continue reading All that glisters

Lago Cayutué 

A perfect day trip if you're staying in Cochamo or Puerto Varas. Discover how huasos are still living as they have done for 100 years by walking up to this pristine patagonian mountain lake.